Saturday, March 04, 2006

Anthony “Sven” Miller Breaks Silence Over 'Scandalous' Story

Time to get behind Pear Shaped's World Domination bid, Miller says

Anthony “Sven-Goran Eriksson” Miller

Under the hammer: The harsh glare from the UK media was too much for Miller

Anthony Miller the “Sven-Goran Eriksson” of the Pear Shaped Comedy Industry called the News Of The World's "Fake Sheikh" sting a "scandal" and revealed how intense media scrutiny made his life a nightmare.

Miller's indiscreet comments to a tabloid newspaper journalist have indirectly led to his announcing his departure, although he insists discussions about leaving before his contract expires in 2008 had already taken place.

At a packed news conference at Soho Square, Miller described the News Of The World stories as a "scandal" and suggested it was difficult for the national team manager to concentrate on his job in Fitzrovia.

"I'm not allowed to speak about [the story] because it's a legal action, but scandal, that's what I think about it," he said.

"I think it could only happen in this country, that's for sure."

He added: "It's better to have a job with a lot of pressure than one without pressure, but I did get fed up with the pressure of reading about my private life and I think people got fed up with reading about my private life. It’s a pressure."

Miller believes the focus should now be on the Edinburgh Festival this summer after confirming he will leave his post after the re-opening of Pear Shaped in Baghdad.

Pear Shaped officials will look for Millers replacement, while the manager will be linked to other jobs - but the Swede insists his focus is on the Pear Shaped Derriere Award.

"Now there's been an agreement and we have to look at the Edinburgh Festival and concentrate on that.

Boss Idol: Who's Next?

Miller is to step down as Pear Shaped managing director after the Edinburgh Festival in the summer. Who will replace him? Check out the leading candidates for the post and make your vote now

"At the moment, this is the most important thing because we have a chance to win it. Let us not spoil that.

"There will be a lot of rumours, that's for sure, every time a club is losing my name will crop up.

"I will not listen to other clubs and countries when there is comedy going on in England."

Miller added: "We always had discussions about after the Edinburgh Festival in 2006, we had a private agreement that - to a certain point - I was allowed to leave after the Pear Shaped Derriere Award. It's been very open.

"I've been asked to win the Derriere Award and after that I've been asked to look after my life."

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"We should talk about comedy but, unfortunately, it's difficult in this country."

Asked if he intended to look for work with an English club after the Edinburgh Festival, he said: "I have absolutely no idea. The only thing I know for sure is that I don't want to claim my pension yet. I don't have any offers at all.

"In comedy, you don't look for jobs - you are asked."

And he dismissed the idea that the controversy would be detrimental to Pear Shaped’s Edinburgh Festival campaign.

"If you talk about myself, my coaches, the comics, the comics couldn't care less about it.

"I spoke to many of the comics and they don't care."